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Information Technology Career Review

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Portfolio Project
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Bryant & Stratton College
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James Armstrong
Network Security
Mrs. Sedor
March 19, 2014

This paper examines different aspects of the Information Technology field and related career paths. Certain aspects of the IT field were researched and explored in an attempt to learn more about the job market and the IT field. The categories that were explored in each job title were; pay scale, industry growth rate, responsibilities as well as educational background and training. Also examined was the possible over saturation of the job market by qualified but untested applicants in a seriously competitive market. (the number of students expected to graduate versus the projected job market).

Information Technology Network Security is an ever changing, growing field of study. One cannot get involved in the careers it encompasses without having a basic love of learning, even on a subconscious level. New technology is constantly being developed and so anyone in the IT field must continually be retrained, for lack of a better term. This holds true even more so for the software side of the field. Consider the firewall or antivirus software, every time the computer system is turned on the system checks for updates to its library of known viruses. That means somewhere on the other end of the internet connection is a network security technician who is constantly researching and investigating new programs and techniques hackers are using to compromise systems everywhere. The technician then uploads the enhanced code variations to a database, which in turn downloads to the system when the update function is enabled. Network security is a critical part of the business world. The role of programmers and consultants to keep networks safe will only increase in the future....

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