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Makeda Price & Jamie Zanzano
Professor LaSala
Store Walkthrough (Draft #1)
Before you enter the store pictures and mannequins are on display in the storefront showcasing the different types of clothing that will be available in our store. Our front display attracts attention, and creates interest which invites people into the store to purchase goods
Entrance: creates expectation and offers promises that the store and clothing are quality, store front should entice a single message – positive store image
The quality of a store front is a major determinant for a customer, particularly a new customer, and should not be underestimated. The exterior presentation offers a lavish image to the customer and the clothing and accessories inside the store. We want our entrance to grab the attention of the customer so that they don’t even realize that they are walking into the store they are just drawn to the uniqueness.

Thick double- door entrance with two large brush nickel door handles on both side show the customer that our store is quality and worth coming into. After you get through the double doors and you are through the entrance cash registers are on the left side of the room in a L shape with more accessories inside the casing. The Cash registers will be Apple iPads with a credit card swipe underneath as well as a cash draw to complete transactions. On the right side we have a stair case that leads down stairs. The front part of the downstairs is going to be the shoe and boot section for both men and women and then the back of the lower level will be offices and stock room for employees. The downstairs will also have a restroom for the employees and customers to use.
On the main floor there will be high ceilings with ball drop lighting to decorate the room and help give a more modern and intricate look.
On each side of the room there are arch...

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