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Interclean Memorandum

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Interclean Memorandum
Bertheia Gary
August 23, 2010
Tiffany Mytty-Klein

Interclean, Inc.
To: Supervisory Team
From: Bertheia Gary
RE: Management Behavior

As you all are aware, the merger between Interclean and EnviroTech is final, and implementation of change will soon occur. There has been recent gossip and rumors about the merger. As managers, let’s be sure to continue to role model, respect and be fair to employees, and use our best practices in the work environment. Here are some quick tips and reminders to assist you while managing employees in our diverse and changing environment.
In almost every organization, change is inevitable. If the manager or supervisor understands how change works, and how it affects others, work from employees will remain encouraging and productive. The most valuable asset a manager can have when involved in a change is an ability to lead. It is not uncommon for most people to fear change. With a combination of fear, instability, and uncertainty, a work environment can become chaotic. Managers must focus on subordinate’s feelings about the change and recognize and confirm those feelings of the employees.
Multiple reactions may occur in any change situation. Individuals react as their needs dictate. Different people have different needs and from this a feeling of loneliness, panic and fear may arise in the workplace. Managers must be aware of discussing certain issues of the business among subordinates and not participate in on the job gossip; however, it is the responsibility of managers to tell employees what the change means to the employee, will the employee continue to have a job, and if employees have the skills and knowledge to succeed in the new work environment. Employees want to know how much of control of their future they have instead of feeling as though they are on the edge of the...

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