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Interpersonal Leadership Skills


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Section 1: Interpersonal Skills for Leaders
Studies show that many leaders’ failures are attributable to interpersonal skills such as building relationships, leading teams, developing a positive work environment, effective communication and inspiring trust (Eblin, 2011). These skills become even more important when the basic element of the business is the person. It is evident that leaders must master these skill sets to be successful as a leader in their industry.
RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT: Interpersonal Competencies Must Haves
As a part of the four key factors in emotional intelligence, relationship management involves the “soft” or personal side of management that has a direct impact on the aspects of the business (Durbin, 2010). “Interpersonal skills are goal-directed behaviors used in face-to-face interactions, which are effective in bringing about a desired state of affairs” (Hayes, 1991, p14). Following is a closer look at three critical interpersonal competencies that a successful leader must have.
Communication Skills
Listening – Nichols and Stephens (1957) estimate that 45 percent of all communication is spent listening while far less is spent speaking. Communication is essential to the success leaders and the most influential portion is listening but listening is more than just hearing. Listening is the active engagement of communication to search for complete understand of the meaning of another’s message (Hayes, 1991). To be a superior listener one must be able to read verbal and non-verbal messages to obtain the full meaning (Hayes, 1991). Hayes (1991) speaks about four main types of listening that successful leaders possess.
 Comprehensive listening – This type of listening is used to obtain facts such as in lectures of interviews. Information gathered from this listening type is retained for future use (Hayes, 1991).

 Evaluative

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