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Is535 Milestone 1


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IS535 - Managerial Applications of Information Technology
Milestone 1
Refocusing Mission Tool & Mfg., Co.
Dale Reynolds
DeVry University

Refocusing Mission Tool & Mfg., Co.
1. The Subject
Mission Tool & Mfg., Co. (MTM) has an internal problem which I believe could be resolved by a propose solution. MTM can benefit with this proposition, as well as resolve its many financial issues that it’s facing with the bad economy and still trying to compete in the manufacturing business without spending an arm and a leg. MTM has an overall IT costs that are too high to be spent on while trying to gain profit and stay in the manufacturing competition. With this proposition MTM could also make employees work more users friendly and the company can gain independency by not being dependent to local company’s network. With this MTM can be more efficient by getting rid of all the paper work that is cluttering and hard to organize to be found by any employee or personnel that needs documents.
2. Company Background
Mission Tool & Mfg., Co. Mission Tool is a business specializing in precision stamped and machined components. They have capabilities to suit every need, ranging from those of a start-up company through to the demands of a thriving corporation. The plant is located in Hayward, CA and is based on nearly 40 years of experience, Mission Tool utilizes the talents of a dedicated staff coupled with the latest in high-technology machining, stamping and manufacturing equipment to provide consistent, high-quality manufacturing solutions. From blueprint to finished product, Mission Tool provides design, tooling, production, finishing and shipping services with strict adherence to quality and precision while providing highly personalized service. Mission Tool offers manufacturing solutions as diverse as

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