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I’ll tell you a secret. Growing up, I had an obsession with making mixtapes. The tapes were my gifts to everyone and anyone. Parents. Cousins. Neighbours. I even gave one to my first crush. I was eight years old. She was the mysterious, older woman aged 34: my Spanish teacher. I’ve always preferred listening to a variety of songs by different artists rather than playing regular albums from start to finish. “A mixtape mentality,” my mum called it.

A mindset that struck again when I finished university and was faced with the prospect of entering the big bad working world. Luckily, I stumbled across the WPP Fellowship. It seemed to be designed for those of us who were unsure about specialising in any one thing too early. For those who wanted to explore. To be creatively pushed yet intellectually stretched. To see what doesn’t work for them. But most importantly, to see what does. And to have some fun in the process. “Sign me up,” I thought.

Year one was spent as a strategic planner with JWT London, the ad agency that put the hole in Polo and invented the Andrex puppy.

What came next was a whirlwind year in Singapore with GroupM Entertainment, WPP’s media investment management arm. There, I was lucky enough to bring “Masterchef” to Thailand for a client, integrate a shampoo brand into “Asia’s Next Top Model” and create a medutainment TV show called “Dr.You” in Vietnam. “Dr.You” became an unexpected primetime hit… and even more unexpectedly landed me on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Innovators and Disruptors list for 2013. Before you ask, yes, I’m aware of just how bizarre that all sounds.

My final rotation has brought me to the Big Apple to be immersed in all things digital with Ogilvy and more recently VICE Media. An eventful year bringing an unforgettable Fellowship to a close.

I welcome you the world of the WPP Fellowship, a program which plunges Fellows into challenging and often surreal situations. A scheme that hands over the responsibility to sink or swim from day one. A three-year journey for those of us harbouring a mixtape mentality. Time to press play.

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