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International Business:

Japan – Culture, Infrastructure, & Foreign Investment Strategy

Historically, Japan has remained one of the most culturally separate identities in Asia, carefully guarding its way against foreign incursions. In modern trends though, a significant portion of its population has begun to travel abroad, while the majority of the remainder has largely remained ethnically indigenous. While Japan has gradually started to open itself toward foreign investment in measured strides, its culture has nonetheless remained structurally rigid, and has posed yet another distinct challenge to the Western and evolving standards. And as many macro-corporations have been dismayed to discover, penetrating this market can be painstakingly difficult, impossible without first fully understanding the landscape and trends of its culture, as well as its social implications.

The business practices of the Japanese are the offshoot of the culture. In Japan, when individuals join a firm they become part of the firm's family or community. Therefore, he is expected to become the embodiment of the spirit of the company. The employee dresses in corporate uniform and participates in group activities. A lot of the time life employment is the result, the loyalty of the employee is assured, and the firm becomes a stronger unit.

The concern for the business as a whole is seen in the practice of consensus decision-making. The decisions made by the group are better than a decision made by a single person. A closer examination of decision making will show us many things about the function and conception of authority in Japan. If we take one of the papers that are constantly crossing an executive's desk we find that it has received several seal impressions. These seal impressions are a record of the journey of this paper from section to section. "This circulation of

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