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A Metal and a Man Made for History
Have you ever eaten something that grew out of the ground? Of course you have. Some dreaded broccoli, maybe Brussel sprouts, corn, wheat, bread, anything with high fructose corn syrup or sugar in it (everything man made), all of it comes from seeds we sowed in the soil.
Planting seeds is easy in the sandy soil of the middle east, and European soil is equally easy with cast iron plows. When we came to the moist and sticky soil of the Midwest, it cohered to the cast iron plows. When the savior of the mid west farming industry invented the first steel plow, John Deere had made it exponentially faster, and facile, to plow the great prairie. The steel plow is arguably the topmost invention in farming in the Midwest …show more content…
Unfortunately, his home in Vermont was overcrowded with blacksmiths like him. They, and John, bounced from town to town racking up debt. Early in his career, he saw a letter that said, “Grand DeTour, Illinois is in need of a blacksmith.” He collected his goods, said farewell to his four kids and expecting wife, and journeyed to the great Midwest ("John Deere"). By the time John arrived, John was so broke that he had to rent a horse to run his new forge. He formed forks, spoons, fixed tools, procured new tools, fixed plows, fixed saws, and did any job involving iron, like any other …show more content…
John Deere, being a blacksmith, saw this opportunity to grab up some spare steel for the forge. John decided to take its flat shape, cut of the teeth, and forge it into a plowshare. The plowshare was forged, not cast, Forged. The steel was polished from use, but he polished it, and polished it, and polished it more. Afterward, John performed a test on the steel plowshare, and the results are astonishing. The soil rolled right off! There was no stopping to scrape the soil off the moldboard. There was no eight oxen team to pull a cast iron plow. Only one horse was needed to pull the steel plow. It took a 96 hour acre down to two acres a day ("The Impact of John Deere’s Plow"). The steel plow even hummed a pleasant sound as it sliced through the soil, hence its name, The Singing Plow ("John Deere"). This quick grab of steel by a poor blacksmith who wanted to produce micro profit eventually led to the greatest discovery in Midwest farming and the biggest farming corporation in the

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