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Kudler Pivot Table

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Data Table Analysis

Data Table Analysis
Kudler’s Fine Foods is a gourmet food store that provides specialized products in the Southern California region. Since the inventory of the store is perishable, it is important to have control of the inventory on hand and put in place a procedure for replacing the inventory promptly. If Kudler’s has too much inventory on hand, the loss of revenues due to waste increases. Alternatively, if Kudler’s cannot replace inventory fast enough, they risk alienating customers who count on them to provide gourmet specialty products that are hard to find in the grocery store chains. By evaluating the design elements of the data tables, implementing the recommended improvements to the data tables and utilizing pivot tables to get a more accurate picture of the inventory ordering and processing system, Kudler’s should be able to increase their bottom line.
The inventory table that Kudler’s uses contain the components that make up an item. The items listed include a general ledger code, item description, summary line item, and cost (Apollo, 2013). An evaluation of the database tables will provide suggestions for improvements of their data system. One of the most important components of Kudler’s inventory is missing from their database table. A recommendation would be to include a purchase date or an expiration date of each item. Since perishable items are so prominent in the business, the ability to have an alert system for almost expired items, as well as a tracking system to ensure the oldest items are sold first would enable Kudler’s to have a smoother purchasing system that would cause less waste.
The use of a pivot table for tracking Kudler’s inventory will aid in the decision-making process of inventory purchases. A pivot table is a tool that can aid Kudler by sorting and sequencing the information in a database to aid the end

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...Evaluation Data Tables Data Table analysis is essential to the success of Kudler, the information provided in these tables is available for the end user to determine inventory levels and when ordering is needed. The design of data tables organizes the financial data into department, financial codes, items and then sums of total amount of transaction. Data tables maximize the visual and informational presentation for the financial data. The user can easily identify information about each item as belonging to certain department, and how many items were received at the given cost for a certain period. It allows finding total amount and quantity on hand for an item and calculating average price for an item. Entity relationship diagram illustrates the hierarchy of how information reviewed by end users. The data represented in entity relation diagrams (E-R) includes the business entities and the relationship among them. E-R diagrams use four symbols: rectangles to represent entities, diamonds to describe relationship, ovals describe the entity, characteristics, and connecting lines depicts relationships. Recommendation for improvements to the Data Tables The Pivot Table is two-dimensional statistical summay of database information and can be improved by arranging the codes chronologically and sorting the data by compiling the list of product inventory levels. This will facilitate monitoring items for a department that has different items to sell. Data sorting will allow...

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...Data Table Analysis University of Phoenix Accounting Information Systems ACC/542 Anita Rodriguez April 2, 2012 Data Table Analysis Kudler Fine Foods was founded by Kathy Kudler in La Jolla in 1998. In the beginning, Kudler Fine Foods had only one store, causing Kathy Kudler to make the decision to use the Microsoft Access database to monitor and maintain sales, employees, inventory, customers, and orders. Because Kudler Fine Foods inventory was perishable, it was imperative to track properly these items. Possessing too much inventory was always a concern of Kudler Fine Foods, if the inventory information was inaccurate, outdated, or incomplete the information would be of no use to the company. This paper will present suggestions for enhancement, evaluate database tables from an accounting point of view, and generate a pivot table to assist the management of Kudler Fine Foods with preparing improved reports in accounting and enhance the decision-making process. Evaluate the design elements of the data tables from an accounting perspective The inventory tables allow the users to establish when to order additional inventory and what inventory is on hand. The use of data table analysis is of the essence for this process. The data table is intended to categorize the data into departments, financial codes, items, and it adds the total amount for the transaction codes. It also adds the amount of items in the inventory during a specified period. The data table design...

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...Kudler Fine Foods is a company that has grown since the initial opening in 1998, and to manage with the growth Kudler selected Microsoft Access as the database to help track inventory, sales, orders, employees, and customers. Kudler’s inventory consist of perishable products, therefore inventory needs be accurately tracked. This paper will evaluate the design elements of the data tables from an accounting perspective, create an entity relationship diagram including a pivot table, recommend improvements to the data tables, and explain how the new diagrams will improve Kudler’s decision making for management. Table Analysis The data table analysis is vital to Kudler’s success. The data is organized into general ledger codes, inventory item, summary line item, and the total amount of the item’s transaction. The data provided in the analysis table, which are viewed by the users, shows how much money is spent on what product and which store. The description of the data table gives the total amount and quantity on hand for an item and calculating average price for an item. From an accounting perspective, the data tables are simple and easy to read. There are four headings. They include the GL Code, inventory item, summary line item and the amount. The GL Code helps to identify which store the item is located. For example, 12 stands for La Jolla, 13 identify the store in Del Mar, and 14 identify the Encinitas store. The inventory items identify what items are in the inventory. At...

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