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Law Enforcement Paper


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Law Enforcement paper
Teresa Wilson
CJA 204
Nov. 28, 2011
Mrs. Dorey

Law Enforcement paper The police agencies can be traced back in time. They used to be called marshals, and for the most part now they are called sheriffs. There are a few places who still call them marshals. The duties, functions, of the police have been split up, so that each one of the branches has their own responsibilities and roles that they need to do. There is the local police department that makes sure there is emergency services, they uphold traffic enforcement laws. They also do a lot with the communities, like doing crime prevention. Help set up neighborhood watches and make sure that the public knows they are there is they need them. The local police can only go as far as their jurisdiction will let them go. They cannot cross into another jurisdiction; also they provide services to let people know that they are there if they are needed. The state law enforcements agencies help with a few different things from the local police agencies. The help keep our cars all inspected and make sure they are all up to the United State standards. The state police agencies have more jurisdiction then the local police agencies do. Which can be a good thing in many ways, Example: they could help more if a child is kidnapped and taken into a different jurisdiction. They can go about anywhere in the state as to where the local law enforcement can only go so far. They even help keep our state highways safe, and the rual areas also are made safe by them. The state and local agencies conduct criminal investigations and public relations. Some of the state and local police have had cards made and giving them out to the local kids, so that it lets them know that they are there and are safe. The state law enforcement also deals a lot with the wild life and fish agencies, you have to

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