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Life Changes in a Blink of an Eye


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Life Changes in a Blink of an Eye

Life is not what it seems; we don’t recognize ourselves as we’re all lost. I think; therefore, I doubt whether I am or not. One’s life is not what it seems, nor is what we were taught since childhood. The idea of living life is reduced to a life tacked by common sense. My own significant weight is what led me down the path of realization. My life had a slight change July 9, 2010, I was charged with two felonies. January 1, 2010 was when everything began. I started dating a young man that wasn’t right for me and I knew it, but I looked past it and gave him a chance. I was in deep LIKE. His lifestyle wasn’t the legal lifestyle and his friends wasn’t right either, but I looked pasted all the wrongs and continued on with my relationship. I would do anything for this guy, I only asked one thing from him and that was to not put me in any trouble and he agreed; but his friends had a different view on others life that wasn’t theirs. The summer of 2010 was when everything started to change. We decide to move in together and continue on with our relationship. Life and Love can be a tricky thing. Rather I knew right from wrong I believe he was right for me. Again, the friends were a issue and I knew it but I trusted him to have them in order and make sure or house was our home. Life is not what you dreamed it to be. July 9, 2010 my partners’ friend asked for a ride and when I dropped him off I notices he left a black book bag in my vehicle, I didn’t think much of it because he was a college student. After dropping him off, I went to go pick up my check and on my way from leaving there it was raining really hard and as I was going around the curb, my wheels lost control and I ran into a pole. I was rushed to the Emergency Room where I was treated for a concussion. I was blessed seeing how bad the accident was. The next day I got a call from a detective from the Gahanna police department that I needed to come down to the station to get my driver’s license and sign for a ticket. Monday July 12, 2010, my mother and step-father drove me down to the police station to get my license and sign for the ticket; little did I know there was more to it. I was asked to come into a room and talk with a detective about a issue. I had no clue what was going on. There were two detectives in the room, they began to ask me questions; “do you know what was in your vehicle?” “Do you know a young man name Dominique?” Finally, they say. “There was a pound of marijuana and a loaded gun in your vehicle.” I was shocked, and I didn’t have no clue what they were talking about, I know my rights so I said I will talk when I can have a lawyer present. I was told that I will be going to jail. Tears began to fall down my face and I dint know what was going to happen next. The people that I hung around were poison and they had no care in the world. I spend 12 hours in jail and then I was release, thanks to my mother and god-mother for getting me one of the best lawyers in Columbus, Ohio. But it was over just yet. I was summoned to come to court in a year. Everything had been dismissed but I still had to get a finally judgment. December of 2011 I was called back into court and the judge informed me that the CCW (handgun) will be throwing out and that I will be charged with a misdemeanor for marijuana. The judge then said “Ms. Davis you need to pick your friends wisely and know who our real friends is” he also asked “are any of them here?’ I answered back NO, he states “will that there shows you, they’re not your real friends”. I was truly blessed with the outcome, because I could have spent five years in jail. I will be able to expunge my record come March of 2014. I am thankful. August 2012 I started Central Ohio Technical College, it was the beginning of me starting my life over; I even got a new job. Everything began to look up until April 30, 2013 when I got a Notification of Administrative Summons. I was a Early Childhood Major and I had to get a background check done before I could enter into all my ECE major classes. The Office of Student Conduct of Central Ohio Technical College had received information regarding an incident involving dishonest conduct regarding my application to the college, specifically failure to report a felony charge/conviction. Therefore, it was requested that I schedule a preliminary conference to gather information to determine whether charges are warranted. Meeting day, I was prepared to discuss the incident in which I didn’t allegedly violate- the following section(s) of the Code of Student Conduct. I presented all information from the court of my final judgment for my case. As I entered the room I was scared that I was going to get kicked out of school and life was going back down hill. Everything went will in the meeting, I showed them that when I applied to the school my case was closed and I didn’t have any felonies. I gave them copies of my final judgment and by the end of the meeting I was told that everything was going to be alright, but I will not be able to continue in Early Childhood Education because I have misdemeanor marijuana and I need a clean background. I changed my major to Business Management and I’m okay with that because my major now is the right major for me wanting to open up my own daycare one day. In closing, I am thankful and I believe I was blessed for the outcome of everything. I now know that I need to pick my friends wisely and know that people are not always what they seem. I know my rights from wrongs and if people are doing wrong I don’t have to judge them but I don’t have to hang with them as well. Everything is unpredictable. You will never know when everything will stop and your life can drop. Life is a changing process, one thing for sure; I will have happiness and satisfaction.

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