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Although this market research has been finished already, there are still some limitations that cannot be avoided. Firstly, in terms of questionnaire design, the total amount of questions in the questionnaire maybe too large, and it costs respondents about 3 minutes to finish all of them. Especially when they saw the 10 tables, many of them showed their impatience to finish the questionnaire. In addition, some respondents cannot quite clearly understand what they should do on the tables. Thus, it indicates that the table questions may not be so well designed and made respondents confused about that. It would be better if the table questions could be simplified. Secondly, regarding respondents, many people were not willing to respond questions through the whole process of conducting the survey. It may result in some problems when analyzing demographic data. According to the results, it is obvious that the ages of the respondents are focused on 18 to 35. It is difficult to get some feedbacks from people in other ages, especially elderly people and people with a young baby. Thus, their purchase preference and intention are not clear in the analysis. Moreover, some respondents finished the questionnaire in a hurry and they even did not read the questions clearly. Among all the questionnaire paper, there are approximately one fourth of the respondents did not finished all the questions required. Thirdly, many respondents consuming in Wal-Mart have never heard about its private label, which reduced valid number of the questionnaires to some extent. In terms of the table questions which aim to find consumers’ purchase preference and intention, these respondents all chose national label since they have never heard the private label. From that perspective, it is tough to learn the reasons they chose national label, whether they actually think of national label

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