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The Globalization and Development Reader. Perspectives on Development and Global Change. 2nd Edition

This revised and updated second edition of The Globalization and Development Reader builds on the considerable success of a first edition that has been used around the world. It combines selected readings and editorial material to provide a coherent text with global coverage, reflecting new theoretical and empirical developments. It provides original texts, including classics in the field and others at the cutting edge, which have been carefully edited for the non–technical reader, and offers concise definitions of key terms and concepts, requiring no prior knowledge about globalization and development or related theories.
The second edition expands the collection of classic texts and, at the same time, provides the most important and readable articles and book selections on recent developments. More than half of the readings are new for the second edition, with a higher degree of editing for a student readership, and with increased coverage of China and India supporting its genuinely global coverage. New pieces help to capture the implications for developing countries of the recent Great Recession of the global North. There is more on global inequality and uneven economic development, as well as on women, international migration, the role of cities, agriculture and the environment, and especially climate change. There is also new material on the ability of labour to organize across borders.
This book is an engaging and illuminating collection that includes a general introduction to the field, and short, insightful section introductions that introduce each reading. It provides an up–to–date primer and core reference source for students, scholars, and development practitioners wishing to get up to speed quickly on the issues surrounding social change, globalization, and development in the "Third World".


Preface and Acknowledgments ix
Globalization and Development: Recurring Themes 1
Amy Bellone Hite, J. Timmons Roberts, and Nitsan Chorev
Part I Formative Approaches to Development and Social Change 19
Introduction 21
1 Manifesto of the Communist Party (1848) and Alienated Labour (1844) 29
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
2 The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism (1905) 39
Max Weber
3 The Stages of Economic Growth: A Non-Communist Manifesto (1960) 52
W. W. Rostow
4 Economic Backwardness in Historical Perspective (1962) 62
Alexander Gerschenkron
5 A Study of Slum Culture: Backgrounds for La Vida (1968) 79
Oscar Lewis
6 Political Participation: Modernization and Political Decay (1968) 88
Samuel Huntington
Part II Dependency and Beyond 95
Introduction 97
7 The Development of Underdevelopment (1969) 105

Andre Gunder Frank
8 Dependency and Development in Latin America (1972) 115
Fernando Henrique Cardoso
9 The Rise and Future Demise of the World Capitalist System: Concepts for Comparative Analysis (1979) 126
Immanuel Wallerstein
10 Taiwan’s Economic History: A Case of Etatisme and a Challenge to Dependency Theory (1979) 147
Alice H. Amsden
11 Rethinking Development Theory: Insights from East Asia and Latin America (1989) 169
Gary Gereffi
12 Interrogating Development: Feminism, Gender and Policy (1998) 191
Ruth Pearson and Cecile Jackson
13 Why Is Buying a “Madras” Cotton Shirt a Political Act? A Feminist Commodity Chain Analysis (2004) 204
Priti Ramamurthy
Part III What Is Globalization? 225
Introduction 227
14 The New International Division of Labour in the World Economy (1980) 231
Folker Fröbel, Jürgen Heinrichs, and Otto Kreye
15 In Defense of Global Capitalism (2003) 247
Johan Norberg
16 It’s a Flat World, After All (2005) 263
Thomas L. Friedman
17 The Financialization of the American Economy (2005) 272
Greta R. Krippner
18 The Transnational Capitalist Class and the Discourse of Globalization (2000) 304
Leslie Sklair
19 The Washington Consensus as Transnational Policy Paradigm: Its Origins, Trajectory and Likely Successor
(2012) 319
Sarah Babb
20 The Crises of Capitalism (2010) 333
David Harvey
Part IV Development after Globalization 337
Introduction 339
21 Global Crisis, African Oppression (2001) 345
Patrick Bond
22 Agrofuels in the Food Regime (2010) 356
Philip McMichael
23 Global Cities and Survival Circuits (2002) 373
Saskia Sassen
24 What Makes a Miracle: Some Myths about the Rise of China and India (2008) 391
Pranab Bardhan
25 Foreign Aid (2006) 398

Steven Radelet
26 The Globalization Paradox: Democracy and the Future of the World Economy (2011) 417
Dani Rodrik
Part V Global Themes Searching for New Paradigms 441
Introduction 443
27 A New World Order (2004) 449
Anne-Marie Slaughter
28 Transnational Advocacy Networks in International Politics (1998) 476
Margaret E. Keck and Kathryn Sikkink
29 Multipolarity and the New World (Dis)Order: US Hegemonic Decline and the Fragmentation of the Global
Climate Regime (2011) 486
J. Timmons Roberts
30 Changing Global Norms through Reactive Diffusion: The Case of Intellectual Property Protection of AIDS
Drugs (2012) 503
Nitsan Chorev
31 Development as Freedom (1999) 525
Amartya Sen
32 From Polanyi to Pollyanna: The False Optimism of Global Labor Studies (2010) 549
Michael Burawoy
33 The Developmental State: Divergent Responses to Modern Economic Theory and the Twenty-FirstCentury Economy (2014) 563
Peter Evans
Index 583


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