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A Storm Gathering


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A storm Gathering.

Write a summary of A storm Gathering:
The story takes place in an underprivileged village in Sudan, where we follow the protagonist Malik. it all begins with Malik lying in his bed while thinking about the deterioration of his village, even though the USA promised that they wouldn’t allow another famine. An unnamed female doctor arrives but Malik gets quite disappointed discovering that she only carries medicine for a few people, even though she carries a lot of food. The female doctor visits the chief of the village, only to discover that he’s dead. When Malik hears about the chieftain died after he received medicine, he fears that the village people will blame him for the chieftain’s death. Just as the panic gets to both of their minds, a storm approaches and Malik sees this as their chance to escape. At last Malik, the female doctor are sheltered in a car. suddenly, Malik is hoping for the storm to last eternally.
Characterize Malik:
Malik is a master of science of Khartoum University, which is much respected. Despite his cleverness, Malik lives in a poor village, sleeps on a rush bed and the whole village depends on him. Malik seems very insecure and worried with the current circumstances, you can tell anxiousness penetrate his body: ‘’ He lay on his rush bed staring up through the darkness, nervous, slim, naked, wrapped only in silence’’. His body seems like it’s haunted as it seems like he’s used to living in the fear of the worst. And when the chieftain dies he becomes unsecure: ‘’everyone knew he was there to relieve their hunger, and had delivered weevils. He felt the disdainful stares’’.
Comment on the role of the female doctor:
The female doctor is a strong and helping women, she’s not as emotional as Malik not until the end when the storm approaches. She’s giving the village people hope cause she’s their rescue. When she arrives with medicine, food etc. to the town or that’s what the people believes she have, so they can get free of the suffering with hunger and sickness, Malik gets really disappointed at her but instead of panicking she’s handling the situation very calm.

Write a speech to be held for new aid workers about the challenges they can expect to meet in their work:
To aid people in foreign and poor countries can give you joy but it can also give you the feeling of being helpless. You will meet many challenges throughout your journey to help the poor people. Some you will be able to defeat but sometimes you need to accept that there is nothing you can do about it. It is so important that you focus on the victories and forget the failure you may go through. You have to remember that if you focus on the failures, then you won’t be able to stay positive which is what the poor people needs the most. You can’t involve your feelings to much in the job because even though you want to help everyone around you must know that it is not possible. Even the small things is important to help people in the villages. To help a mother deliver a healthy child will not only help her and the kid it will also affect the whole village, it will give them hope of a better future without suffering. Your work is important, without people like you the situation would be more out of control. The most important thing to remember when you’re at work ‘’ Even the smallest job can do a big difference’’.

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