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Writer's Memo In today's draft we are discussing what our books are arguing today what I wanted to achieve was to give some background, but at the same time be able to keep the draft at a good pace . The intended heartbeat of this piece was happy heart, I chose this heartbeat because I feel like this piece meets its standards without going exceeding on the details.When I wrote this piece I was trying to make this essay seem like a research paper. The genre of this piece is an analysis essay, to achieve my purpose I went back and looked at some of my old analysis essays to pull old ideas and included them into my analysis essay. I believe I was pretty successful in doing so, to achieve my intended heartbeat, I made this essay, but short and …show more content…
Miles leaves his public school in Florida to seek a “great perhaps” in a new boarding which he chooses to attend and in that school he manages to find his first actual friends and the first “love of his life”. You see miles in public school never had any friends and he hated it. So obviously in boarding school Miles had a lot of new things to try, including cigarettes and alcohol.And even though Miles got into some trouble Miles managed to go from this guy who keeps to himself and doesn’t have any friends to a guy who has several “real friends” and the love of his life. In this book miles matured in certain aspects of the story He kind of goes from Miles the shy friendless guy to Pudge the non friendless guy who’s pretty content all the time.Pudge basically went from adolescence to adulthood in just a few months of school. A passage from the book I think best represents that is “It lit with a sizzle that reminded me of every July Fourth with my family. We stood still for a nanosecond, staring at the fuse, making sure it was lit. And now, I thought. Now. Run run run run run. But my body didn’t move until I heard Takumi shout-whisper, “Go go go fucking go.” In this passage Pudge just for a nanosecond recover some innocence in an old memory with his family and then he keeps on going with his new life. Honestly, I believe that Pudge makes some

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