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Looking For Alaska Character Analysis

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Emotion and Value: the guideline of life
Personal experiences are a phenomenon every person experiences, and will continue to experience until death.The way that experiences happen is especially different, although they all share one thing in common: Even if you don’t realize it, personal experience can lead to changes in ideals and ways of thinking. John Green characterizes this fact in two of his novels, Paper Towns and looking for alaska. These books show this point by almost blatant changes in his characters. Furthermore, in the introduction of the books the main characters seem boring and opaque. When Miles “Pudge” Halter leaves Florida, things seem pretty stagnated. “The Week Before I left my family and Florida and the rest of my minor life to go to boarding school in Alabama, my mother insisted on throwing a going away party.
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For Pudge's case he first has this sense of chronic depression and bitterness because of this incident.”It’s all my fault, I’m at to blame for Alaska, i shouldn't have let her drive drunk”(looking for alaska 146)Also”...I can't light my cigarette, get a lighter colonel! I don’t have one, he said. Damn it, i Will not believe alaska's dead, i don't believe it.”(looking for alaska 151). Since this book can articulate to you that Pudge is in a state of turmoil, you can see he is changing at this point in the book.Meanwhile our character Q has also been in a state of turmoil dealing with the departure of Margo. Fortunately the effects aren’t as difficult as they are on Pudge. On the other hand, not as difficult means he is stuck in a delusion that it is all one large puzzle and he is the only one who can find the clues.”I can’t believe my idiotic parents, they don’t understand that only I can find Margo.”(Paper Towns 112). This excerpt clearly excludes the fact that Q is changing because of his short period of

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