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Last, Monday, September 21, 2015, we had our "Food" walk tour in Binondo with Mr. Ivan Dy. The tour was very tiring and at the same time stomach filling. It was tiring because the weather was so hot and we just walked to go to our destination. It was stomach filling because we went to 5 destinations and just ate chinese foods the entire tour. The foods were delicious. Mr. Ivan is a fun and entertaining tour guide. Even though he had mic, we werent able to understand some of what he’s saying. He wasn’t able to catch all the attention of the students.
Last Sunday, September 27, 2015, we had our Intramuros tour with Mr. Carlos Celdran. The tour last for about 3 hours. It was called a walk tour but there really is not much walking. We went to 4 destinations and sit down to listen to him. The tour was tiring and at the same time interesting. It was tiring because the weather was kind of hot and there are many of us and it was interesting because Mr. Carlos Celdran made the tour very entertaining with his props, the changed of hats and the throwing of santan from his pocket. From the way he delivers, it looks like we were just watching a play. Every time he says the line “Walk This Way!” it excites everyone and follows him and you can see a smile on everyone’s faces. It was one of the reasons why the tour was exciting. He even gave all of us a chocolate, to be specific choc nut, for answering his question. I noticed that almost all the people who belong to the tour watched him with an amazed look and were focused to him and some people who are not really part of the tour joined us and listened to him. And I also noticed that he talked carelessly, considering the fact that we had foreigners with us.
We didn’t walk far but he covered a lot, history, culture, people, buildings, and even the war. We even rode a kalesa and ate Halo-Halo at the end. He gave us a true insight in Manila in an attractive and enthusiastic manner, with a lot of jokes and a true performance.

If I were to compare the four guides: bus guides, Kuya Ry and Ate Sarah and tour guides, Mr. Ivan Dy and Mr. Carlos Celdran, the bus guides give us information about the historical sites just along the route and the tour guides give us all the background and history of a specific place, happening and a person.
Kuya Ry and Ate Sarah was a fun bus guides because they kept us entertain when we were inside the bus, which I know is not easy because they need to keep on talking.
Mr. Ivan, our tour guide in Binondo, was like the typical tour guide. He told us the history of Binondo and information about the foods we ate. Mr. Carlos, our tour guide in Intramuros, was more like a theatrical tour. He uses actions that were a bit exaggerated that made the tour interesting.

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