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1. Introduction
In 2014, Hello Kitty will be celebrating its 40th birthday. And to celebrate this milestone, on 18th April 2014, McDonald’s Singapore announced that they will once again collaborate with Sanrio to launch a set of six Hello Kitty dolls named as Hello Kitty Bubbly World. In this latest series of collaboration, Hello Kitty will be dressed up as six of her friends. And they are, ‘Pompompurin’, ‘Osaru No Monichi’, ‘My Melody’, ‘Kerokerokeroppi’, ‘Bad Badtz-Maru’, and ‘Tuxedo Sam’. And furthermore, it is also announced that Singapore will be the first in the world to launch the Hello Kitty Bubbly World. 1.1 Target Audience
In this new collaboration, the target audiences are, the toy collectors and fans of Hello Kitty.

1.2 Main Objective
The main objective of this new collaboration is not only to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary, but it is also aim to push the sales of McDonald’s Singapore. In doing so, both Sanrio and McDonald’s have employed the co-branding strategy.
However, unlike previous years, where the plush toys are made available over the counter and delivery, for the first time, McDonald’s Singapore will introduce the online order system, partnering Singpost. In doing so, McDonald’s Singapore aim to decrease the amount of people queuing overnight for the plush toys and also the fracas that happened in the previous collaboration.
The aim of this essay is to analyze the marketing communication effort of McDonald’s Singapore.

2. Pre-Launch Publicity Build Up
In the build-up the launch of the plush toys, McDonald’s Singapore applied at least four of the seven commonly used PR program tools; Press Release, Internet, Community Involvement and Exclusives.
2.1 Press Release
Press release is a relatively popular and inexpensive way to gain visibility. (Williams, 2010). And prior to the launch, McDonald’s issued a press release...

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