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Marketing Environment

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Late Shri Alkesh Dinesh Mody
The Institute was co-founded by Shri. Dineshbhai Mody in loving

memory of his beloved son Late Shri Alkeshbhai D. Mody, who was a dynamic stockbroker and a noble soul. The logo of our institute “VISION, ERUDITION, FAITH and CHARACTER” negates INJUSTICE (ANANYA), IMMORTALITY

(ANNETI) and GREED (PARIGRAHA) in every domain of life.

The Institute was set up in response to fulfill the need of financial literacy in the global business arena. The MMS program was introduced in 2002-2003.

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Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute for Financial and Management Studies,(ADMI),the management institute of the University of Mumbai, resides in the heart of its very own campus in Santacruz(Vidyanagari). The building showcases itself in the shape of an octagon, with fully air-conditioned rooms aided with latest audiovisual amenities like LCD projectors, OHP.This makes the classroom learning interesting and experiential. Teaching, learning and Assessment focuses on quality & employability of the students. The institute provides placement assistance that serves two purposes. First it provides the business owner or the company with human capital who will contribute towards organisational growth. Second the students get to showcase their talent while being rewarded...

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