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Mission Statement

Our mission is to make wine that people will fall in live with and deliver the ultimate customer service experience.
Current Status


Established customers and position in market.

Descriptive and easy to follow FAQ page on website.

Narrow market

Poor telephone navigation

Higher shipping costs

Improve current customer service navigation and experience.

Competitors (Constellation Brands, Brown-Forman Corporation, etc)

Accumulated negative reviews on various websites.

Although Anabella Wine could use improvements, there are still strengths that can give the company a boost. While a huge weakness at Anabella Wine is the review on the customer service, there is an opportunity for redemption. Anabella Wine is a well-known brand in the U.S. and they can improve our customer service in various ways. Our opportunities make us believe that there will be increased chance for us to expand globally. There are a few threats that may hinder our success, including competitors such as Constellation Brands and Brown-Forman Corporation.


Anabella Wine can promote two important strengths:

 Established business. Anabella Wine is a well-known business that has been in operation for a long time. In addition to our stores we have various benefits for frequent buyers. The loyalty and credit card rewards that are offered help get customers more involved and give them a reason to come back.
 Organized FAQ. The Anabella Wine website has various links that make it easy to navigate and find answers to questions. Our FAQ page is extensive and will surely answer a majority of questions that will come Anabella Wine’s way without forcing the customer to make a trip or a phone call. In addition to our FAQ page, Anabella Wine Costumer…...

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