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Life in The Media Lane Now a days the majority of the world is using media in one way or another. My media use is something like a never ending marathon. Based off my recordings, the results show a significantly huge amount is phone usage, and a decent amount of TV/iPad use. In a lot of situations my media use is more instrumental rather than habitual. For instance I could be in the middle of cooking and feeding my nephew but yet I still have the nerve to reach for my phone without it going off. In the process of arriving at the airport and waiting to board, I noticed there are things everyone else does along with myself that has to do with media use. The repetitive action of checking my phone is more frequently becoming something like a hobby. That says a lot about my media use, it's something I do without even thinking about it sometimes. and get deep into whatever I'm doing. On my chart, I observed while doing my homework I would look over to my phone or constantly grasp it for no reason. The average person checks their phone one-hundred and ten times a day. I can say the longest period of time without touching or using my phone is three and a half hours, and that was because I was on a plane. But on a normal routine day I'd say no longer than forty-five minutes, this has become the norm for me within the last three years. During the days I spent recording my media use, I also asked e few people I encountered what's the first thing they do after waking up. And the majority of them said they check their phones first thing. The use of phone and TV media has changed for me over the past five years. I was sixteen at the time, when my mother got me my first real phone. No it's wasn't a smart phone, it was a small hand tech flip phone. I would use it to call me friends and family, but it was never a challenge to keep the phone away from my hands. I can recall back to five years ago and I was so into watching tv. I had over four favorite shows that I would never miss an episode, or have it recorded if I was away. Another thing I noticed was the pattern and reason I would listen to music has changed quite a bit. Years ago I was really tuned into music, I would buy every cd from my favorite artists. I listened to music on my way to and from school, just for some pass time, and laying in bed before going to sleep. I don't do any of those today, I can't remember the last time I bought a cd or downloaded any music. I listen to music eighty percent of the time I'm driving, maybe forty-five percent of the time I'm cleaning, and at parties which I don't go to that often. One thing I found annoying while recording my media use was how much I'm constantly on my phone. It's one thing using your phone for educational purposes, or emergencies, or few times for socializing. It's another thing to continuously reach for my phone when I hasn't even gone off. For instance I could be watching a tv show that I enjoy and all of a sudden I'm on my phone looking for something to do. I could go on Instagram and find nothing interesting, but five to ten minutes later I'm back on that media. It's annoying because I never realized how bad it was, I mean I knew I used my phone a lot but that was an eye opener. The motive for using my phone can be much more habitual than instrumental. Having spoken about my media use, the way it has changed and how it affects me it's safe to say that the media industry has grown so much larger compared to ten years ago. Statistics show eighty percent of smartphone users check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up. Also seventy nine percent of adult smartphone users have their phone on them

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