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In my opinion, I feel as though the Military Educational system does need to be changed to meet the new realities but still include the current education within it. Not only does it need to change to current standards but continuously change with newer technology. Some reason to support my opinion is because there is a technological explosion, military personals are changing, there is and will continue to have fiscal constrains, and technologies in the environment is changing.

Now and in the future technology has and will change a great deal. With these changes in equipment, the military personals will need to be educated on the use of them. Also with satellite information is coming in with such high rate, people will need to be trained on how to quickly determine and locate any critical information when dealing with a life-or- death situation.

Not only is the technology changing but also the people. People now are growing up with all kinds of technology and a higher education, which means that the numbers of military members are dropping. Since, the amount of individuals available for certain jobs will go down, all persons that do join will need to have a greater range of education to cover more fields.

Due to the fact that member rates will drop, it will most probably lead to some sort of fiscal constraint. If finance for the military drops, they will have to cut down on certain equipment, infrastructures, and travel of the personal. With this change, the ones that will still be allowed to travel will need an even broader spectrum of educations to be able to solve more issue on their own.

Along with technology, personal, and financial changes will come the advance of environmental technology throughout the world. When I speck of environmental technology I mean that most probably the world will be base highly on artificial intelligence, expert

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