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Mis 505 Week 2 Review Question

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MIS505: Essentials of Information Systems Programming
Due Date: Wednesday September 16 @ 11:59 PM

Complete Chapter 2 Review Questions 1-20 (20 POINTS)

1. What does a declaration provide for a variable? o a. a name o b. a data type o c. both of the above o d. none of the above

2. A variable's data type describes all of the following except __________.
a. what values the variable can hold
b. how the variable is stored in memory
c. what operations can be performed with the variable
d. the scope of the variable

3. The value stored in an uninitialized variable is __________.
a. garbage
b. null
c. compost
d. its identifier

4. The value 3 is a __________.
a. numeric variable
b. numeric constant
c. string variable
d. string constant

5. The assignment operator _________.
a. is a binary operator
b. has left-to-right associativity
c. is most often represented by a colon
d. two of the above

6. Which of the following is true about arithmetic precedence?
a. Multiplication has a higher precedence than division.
b. Operators with the lowest precedence always have left-to-right associativity.
c. Division has higher precedence than subtraction.
d. all of the above

7. Which of the following is a term used as a synonym for “module” in any programming language?
a. method
b. procedure
c. both of these
d. none of these 8. Which of the following is a reason to use modularization?
a. Modularization avoids abstraction.
b. Modularization reduces overhead.
c. Modularization allows you to more easily reuse your work.
d. Modularization eliminates the need for syntax.

9. What is the name for the process of paying attention to important properties while ignoring nonessential details?
a. abstraction
b. extraction
c. extinction
d. modularization

10. Every module has all of the following except __________.
a. a header
b. local variables
c. a body
d. a return statement

11. Programmers say that one module can __________ another, meaning that the first module causes the second module to execute.
a. declare
b. define
c. enact
d. call

12. The more that a module's statements contribute to the same job, the greater the __________ of the module.
a. structure
b. modularity
c. functional cohesion
d. size 13. In most modern programming languages, when a variable or constant is declared in a module, the variable or constant is __________ in that module.
a. global
b. invisible
c. in scope
d. undefined

14. Which of the following is not a typical housekeeping task?
a. displaying instructions
b. printing summaries
c. opening files
d. displaying report headings

15. Which module in a typical program will execute the most times?
a. the housekeeping module
b. the detail loop
c. the end-of-job module
d. It is different in every program.

16. A hierarchy chart tells you __________.
a. what tasks are to be performed within each program module
b. when a module executes
c. which routines call which other routines
d. all of the above

17. What are nonexecuting statements that programmers place within their code to explain program statements in English?
a. comments
b. pseudocode
c. trivia
d. user documentation

18. Program comments are __________.
a. required to create a runnable program
b. a form of external documentation
c. both of the above
d. none of the above

19. Which of the following is valid advice for naming variables?
a. To save typing, make most variable names one or two letters.
b. To avoid conflict with names that others are using, use unusual or unpronounceable names.
c. To make names easier to read, separate long words by using underscores or capitalization for each new word.
d. To maintain your independence, shun the conventions of your organization.

20. A message that asks a user for input is a __________.
a. comment
b. prompt
c. echo
d. declaration

Complete Chapter 2 Exercises 1 & 2 (10 POINTS)

1. Explain why each of the following names does or does not seem like a good variable name to you.

o a. c - Yes does seem like a good variable. But it is not descriptive enough. o b. cost - Yes does seem like a good variable. It is a descriptive and meaningful name. o c. costAmount - Yes does seem like a good variable. It is a descriptive and meaningful name. o d. cost amount - No does not seem like a good variable. Because it has space in between two words which is not acceptable. o e. cstofdngbsns - Yes does seem like a good variable. But it is completely gibberish and has no meaning. o f. costOfDoingBusinessThisFiscalYear - Yes does seem like a good variable. But it is too long. o g. costYear2012 - Yes does seem like a good variable. It is a descriptive and meaningful name. o h. 2012YearCost - No does not seem like a good variable. Because using digits to start a variable name is not acceptable.

2. If myAge and yourRate are numeric variables, and departmentName is a string variable, which of the following statements are valid assignments? If a statement is not valid, explain why not. o myAge = 23 - Yes it is a valid statement. o myAge = yourRate - Yes it is a valid statement. o myAge = departmentName - No it is not a valid statement. Because they are two different data types. o myAge = “departmentName” - No it is not a valid statement. Because they are two different data types. o 42 = myAge - No it is not a valid statement. Because a constant cannot be equal to a variable. o yourRate = 3.5 - Yes it is a valid statement. o yourRate = myAge - Yes it is a valid statement. o yourRate = departmentName - No it is not a valid statement. Because they are two different data types.

o 6.91 = yourRate - No it is not a valid statement. Because left side of equal sign needs a variable not value. o departmentName = Personnel - No it is not a valid statement. Because the value should be within double quotes. o departmentName = “Personnel” - Yes it is a valid statement. o departmentName = 413 - No it is not a valid statement. Because they are two different data types.

o departmentName = “413” - Yes it is a valid statement. o departmentName = myAge - No it is not a valid statement. Because they are two different data types. o departmentName = yourRate - No it is not a valid statement. Because they are two different data types. o 413 = departmentName - No it is not a valid statement. Because a constant cannot be equal to a variable. o “413” = departmentName - No it is not a valid statement. Because left side of equal sign needs variable not value.

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