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Misogynistics Of Patriarchy

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1. U.S. Supreme Court Justice
2. Nurse
3. Physician
4. Social Worker
5. Scientist
6. Librarian

Males and Females in the workforce, deal with vital differences that continue to outline a systemic use of inequality. While there are but very few genetic differences within both sexes, there is still a beneficial prestige given to “male- oriented jobs” over that of females. As I was examining over my occupational stratification list, I couldn’t help but realize how misogynistic I felt to see where I categorized the occupations I thought woman to be best placed (ex. Nursing, Social Working). While doing research I was appalled by the reality that out of 112 Supreme court justices, only 4 had been women, beginning with Sandra Day O'Connor, …show more content…
This systemic issue of patriarchy surrounds the embodiment of many salaries in our present day. According to Table 4.3, “Female registered nurses earned a median of $1,086 dollars while men earned $1,236 dollars”, though women made for 90 percent of the common employment. As for physicians, according to, “Women represent 1 of 3 physicians and surgeons but they earn only 69 cents for every dollar their male colleagues earn. Male physicians made $202,533 on average in 2013, while female doctors had a median income of $140,036 that year, according to new national data”. All the careers mentioned within my list are under the same subjection of inequality, as males are given a higher income over women. These income discrepancies are ones that I completely disagree with, as industries decide to measure the value of their employees through narrow minded prejudices on sex. Being a child that was raised entirely by a strong female figure, it discomforts me to believe that any person is measured financially by these innate circumstances, as opposed to their skill or performance. I believe there are many angles that which influence these discrepancies, but I am entirely persuaded to believe that they exist due to our cultural values. If one is able to …show more content…
While there are many benefits I may gain over being a male in any industry, I couldn’t live with myself confidently believing I was worth any value, knowing female co-workers were not being treated the same. Equality works, and it changes any social environment for the best of its productivity. There is more to a salary than the satisfaction of currency, as there is also a subconscious engagement that dignifies a worker. For those industries who use this gender methodology to gain interest, my opinion is that they progress with their ethical norms, as individuals deserve to be approached for their skill and not

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