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Mm522 - Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan
Convenience Store Marketing Plan

Executive Summary Store Etc. has begun looking for new business ideas. A comprehensive marketing plan for this venture will be instrumental in developing visibility to ensure future profitability. Store Etc. is going in as a silent partner for Rush Convenience, it will be ran by Dan Gomein. Our goal is to return a profit of $50,000 in its first year. This venture is primarily designed to help us reduce our corporate taxes short term and to help us get into a different sales market long term. Our target population is 18-64 years old. Currently these individuals receive services from Fuel B’s located 15 miles away in Ellicott on Hwy 94. Our intent is to acquire 20% of their current patrons, and to get over 30% of new patrons from highway commuters. Over 500 people travel in front of this store daily. The store will be located 20 feet from the road front. Completion date from start is four months. It has been projected to take six months to stock and get all of the required licenses. By the eleventh month we will be starting our sales campaign along with the store’s grand opening. Our mission statement: Bring back family friendly service. We will not settle on mediocre service; excellence is only the option. We want the customer to have a family experience when coming in to our stores. We want everyone to feel welcome and at home.

Situational Analysis & Strategy Stores Etc. is currently looking at spreading into the convenience store market. We are currently ranked as the third largest retail store in the West. Our current financial account for market expansion has $35 million in it. We want to try our hand at helping set up small mom and pop convenience stores. Our first experiment is called Rush Convenience which is located on State Highway 94; it is situated...

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