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Modern and Traditional Society

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Modern society overtaking traditional one with success.

Modern and traditional are two different ideological approach to governing society. Thus, Traditional societies are the way in which communities were ruled, this culture were governed based on a vertical tactic, whereby the males are dominant over the women and children. In addition from an economic perspective this way of life is viewed from the top to bottom. In other words, Gods or men notions were considered while citizens’, women and children in this case were given a deaf ear. Additionally, Conservatism was the political principles that influenced this life style. A modern society on the other hand refers to the principles and habits that administer our present world. On an economic scale the bottom to top approach is used, looking at the broader picture, attentively focusing on the citizens other than the leaders. Furthermore liberal governance is employed in this social sphere. Thus, this paper is to critically analyze and compare both traditional and modern organizations of society as ideologies. The objective of this paper is to link the purpose to the broader social, political and economic issues, focusing specifically on the family, role of government, technology and other relevant subjects.
Social creeds have been drastically transformed by modernity. Traditionally the family was envisioned as a corporate group, as mentioned by Zinn “if one member of the family acts dishonourable . . . all members loses its honour in the eye of the community (pg. 107).” This is to illustrate that individuality did not exist; women and children were to act in a manner in which men designed, not maintaining particular roles such as secrecy can lead to the down fall of the family’s honour. However, family are highly dependent on prestige, part of maintaining this was to marriage into a family of higher reputation. Furthermore families’ problems were internally dealt with as a way to sustain its integrity. In contrast a modern family is defined as a group of people related by blood. It focuses predominantly on individual whether it be male, female or child each member has equal rights to achieve personal desires. Families today are also constructed to improve its social profile but it is done through each member’s happiness and personal success. Family members are indirectly involved in marriage decisions; one may marry outside of his or her class or race, it is also permitted to marry within ones gender. Furthermore, personal, financial or medical problems are dealt with by professionals who are trained to help in those areas, it is made possible to overcome issues since specialist are abundantly available.
Gender role is another social problem that can be debated in this topic. Men were the power of directing the out-dated culture; rules were made and changed only by them. Because of these strict laws women were denied the right to vote or educate themselves, as a result their status as house wives were unchangeable for many decades. Women were viewed in context of her sexual worth and her ability to perform her duties which was down poured by the men who did nothing but place orders, declared by Zinn “women work together on task such as building hut … while men will stand around smoking”(pg. 111). Gender role in modern society does not exist, by rebelling through protest and riots women are given equal opportunities in ultimately everything. Some men rejects this fundamental approach, but the reality is with independence women are invisible. Women are taking over in the work place and educational institutes. They construct their lives to please them without the intervention of a male figure, she is eligible to perform sexual desires, and she is allowed to pick, choose or refuse a certain way of living.
Children likewise to women were forbidden to explore their visions; instead they spent their days being exploited through working long hours in mills and factories. “In the eyes of the rich … children were busy…and cheap”, this is to say that business owners cared less about children enjoying their youth, to them there were no such things as a child rather they were workers. If the required duties were not performed children would be severely punished some died due to this ill-treatment. Even though children worked up to twelve hours per day, which is more than their parents they were underpaid or may not be compensated overall. Fortunately modernity has invented laws to protect the rights of child from being abused. A child’s main focus today is to obtain an education and build on a productive life for themselve. In relation many opportunities are available to youths from community centers to part time jobs which remunerate equally to all its employees. Children are grouped based on their age this way harsh burden is not laid upon a child who is incapable of dealing with it. Additionally different ages are expected to function in a particular manner which contributes to their protection from exposure to danger.
There are also political issues surrounding the practices of modern and traditional orders. Conservative ideologies also entitled the right spectrum it what oversees a traditional society; it guides behaviour through morality and divinity. Religion was the answer to every question it implies what is right from wrong. It structured society in such a firm way members became ignorant and wilfully blinded. Humans were perceived to be unequal, for each one is born to a specific class which one will remain in till death. Society in this context is seen to be everlasting, it always existed and it will be for ever. From a modern standpoint classical liberalism generates behaviour which focuses on reason and self-interest, individuality is its highest priority. Humans are equal in this sense, they are all the same but for the reason that they are competitive and achievement oriented they may appear differently. Also, society is claimed to be manmade, the order of the world is produced through human actions. As a Canadian citizen I benefit more from a liberal stand point as it allows me to interrelate with different philosophies, as a result there is limited space for ignorance. In addition I am given equal rights as a member of humanity.
Both classical liberals and conservatives play a different role when controlling the human race. Conservatives suggest privilege entails responsibility; one must be responsible to be granted certain rights. Its highest political value is order and security,

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