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Monitoring Employees on Networks Checkpoint

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Monitoring Employees on Networks CheckPoint

E-mail has several benefits to an organization such as faster; more convenient and lower costs compared other communications. Organizations may want to limit how an employee uses e-mail during work hours to avoid loss of productivity when an employee is attending to personal business instead of working this cost is passed on to the customer. Another reason to monitor an employee’s usage of e-mail could be that an employer is legally liable for anything an employee may send or do during work hours using the company’s equipment. An e-mail’s path once it leaves an organization could be through a software programming for monitoring if one is in place then to its intended location within seconds.

The effect of instant messaging on organizational network can be beneficial allowing clients and employees to instantly communicate. Some benefits of using instant messaging in an organization are fast communication to answer any questions, provide useful information and cut out traveling and cost in holding a meeting. Some drawbacks of using instant messaging in an organization could be employee could misuse the services such as personal business and loss of productivity.

Some benefits of web page and search engine use in an organization could be researching information for projects, availability and access to potential clients. With benefits come drawbacks such as stated before misuse by employees which would cost the organization. Another drawback could be confidential information could be leaked.

Managers should monitor employee’s e-mail and Internet usage while they are at work because employees are expected to perform certain duties and tasks using the Internet or e-mail for personal use takes time away from these expectations and tasks. Legally companies have the right to monitor...

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