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Shidler College of Business
University of Hawai´i at Mānoa
Vietnam MBA Program
Fall 2011
BUS 632—Business Strategy
Dates of Course: Oct. 20 - 29

Professor James Richardson
BusAd C501f
Office Phone: 956-7270

Course Outline and Objectives: BUS 632 covers strategic management as an integrating paradigm for your business knowledge. The aim is to develop an understanding of the strategic challenges facing managers in competitive markets. Globalization, foreign competition, and rapidly changing technology have sharply increased the intensity of competition in most industries. We will learn how leading firms have devised strategies, structured, and managed their organizations to achieve competitive advantage in this challenging environment.
Strategic management deals with uncertainty and unstructured situations. You will learn tools and concepts for putting some structure into your analysis of strategic issues. But most strategic choices require judgment. Case studies enable us to test our judgment and learn vicariously from successful and unsuccessful managers in a variety of situations. Hence, class discussion of the cases is a central part of your learning experience.
Methods: We will combine cases, lectures, individual and group papers and presentations.
Pre-requisites: First semester of Core.
Textbook: Jay Barney, Gaining and Sustaining Competitive Advantage, Fourth Edition.
Case Packet will be available.
Assignments and Grading:
1. Participation: (15%) Attendance is required. Please inform the instructor in advance if you need to be absent. Participation means active involvement in the discussion of the case with evidence of preparation.
2. Article File: (5% for 1 brief, 5 minute, presentation) Once during the term you will come to class prepared to make a short presentation of an article from a business publication that fits the topic of

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