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Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice. Courage Books, sept 1, 1991, Org 1813. 376 pages. I had this book from a previous class.
Jane Austen started her life on December 16, 1775 in Hampshire, England. Austen was the seventh of eight children from her father Reverend George Austen and her mother Cassandra. Jane early life took place out in the country and her time was spent performing plays and writing short stories with her siblings, which later influenced her creative writing. At the age 14 Austen wrote her first short novel Love and Friendship and shortly after wrote A History of England by a partial, prejudiced and ignorant historian. Neither book was published, but these novels laid the ground work for Austen’s more popular novels. As Austen grew up she enjoyed going to balls and social gatherings at neighbors estates. Her neighbors houses were large and lavish and so were the people who came. These experiences had a strong impact on Jane because by her early 20’s Jane’s wrote three more novels where classism was major theme. Jane’s more popular novel Pride and Prejudice (published in 1813) was heavily influenced my Jane’s younger experiences. Shortly after writing her novels in the early 1820’s Jane had already moved out of her beloved countryside town to the more populated town of Bath. Jane later moved to Southhampton with a relative where she lived out the rest of her life until she died of Addison disease in 1817, just three short years after publishing Pride and Prejudice.

Jane Austen has been noted as being a writer of socialism and classism. Pride and Prejudice has many elements and examples of this. I believe that Austen was trying to show readers the difference between social classes and how they interact. One of the major conflicts in the story was between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. Liz Bennet come from a less prestige’s family that has a...

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