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During the in class exercises I truly learned a lot about myself. I was completely amazed at how I never knew the things about myself. I remember on the first day of class we had this ice breaker/Activity we had done that really made me get in the spotlight. We had to introduce ourselves. As I walked in front of the class I realized that I was truly nervous. The closer and closer I got to the front of the class the more nervous I became. When I finally had reached the front I had turned to my peers and realized that all eyes were all on me. Being overwhelmed, I continued you on to the introduction of myself by saying “Hi, my name is Roman Guillory…” and the rest of my introduction. As I closed my remarks and had a seat I just set back and watched my peers as they tackled the same situation. Watching them speak made me feel better because I realized that they were feeling the same way that I had felt when I was up there. Another activity that I remember doing is the group activity. We all had to cut things out the magazine representing what looked ugly to us and what looked good. This activity really engaged us to communicate with each other effectively and ultimately decide which things we should do as a team. Even though we all had different personalities and viewed different things as looking bad or good, we all came to a considerable decision on what will be glued to the poster and what wasn’t. All in all, I truly liked most of the activities that we did in class and some them to be very beneficial.

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