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My Experience In My Life

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I came from a Caribbean Island called Trinidad and Tobago was very challenging to adapt to the American lifestyle. On April 20th, 2004, I boarded a flight to the United States of America to visit my mom and sister. As I look out the window as the plane prepared for take-off, I felt a rush of anticipation to see what was so exciting about the United States of America that everyone had spoken so highly about but sadden that I had to leave my friends and some of my family behind in a place I once called home. Upon my flight after spending about 5hrs airborne, the pilot came on the speaker giving announcements about our approach to the “big apple” New York as they say. As the plane landed, I was escorted off the plane by one of the flight crew. While walking, my eyes started to glance the beauty of this huge airport, fascinated by the things I saw, …show more content…
Destine to see more, our destination was the great 42nd street time square, located in Manhattan. After getting to our destination we went shopping at different stores, site seeing on the bus around Manhattan and even saw a movie at the theater AMC. My adventure did not stop there, throughout the course of my 3 weeks’ vacation I visited places such as the museum of natural history at 79th street, the aquarium in Brooklyn which allowed me to see so many things and animals I had not been used to, Luna park Coney Island where the fun and games took a twist and my favorite prospect park which is huge and much more. I was able to take a road trip to Virginia to meet family members I had not seen in some years and ones I had never meet. In Virginia I went to the Shenandoah national park, where I went hiking, a tour of the cape henry lighthouse and went to Israel and new breed church concert. My vacation was overwhelming, but I saw new places, experienced different things and got to meet some amazing family members old and

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