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My Personal Philosophy of life.

My Personal Philosophy of life. Philosophy of life will be different between each person. A persons philosophy will vary depending on ones life experience. I believe that no two people will have seen life in the same way. There would be many people that have similar philosophy on life but none of them would be exactly the same. I will share my ideas and thoughts on what is my philosophy of life. The way have experience life has made me change my way thinking more then once, am sure it will change again. What is my purpose in life? What is anybody’s purpose in life? That’s a question that we all deal with, why are we here, what is the point of life? There is the thought that are purpose of life only known by God. That he has chosen it for before we were ever born, and that part of the reason is to be here for someone else. If I would have asked this questions three four years ago I would have answered with, I have no idea. Back then I really had know idea why am here, or what am supposed to be doing. It seem that all I cared about was to go party. I would live with the philosophy of, live one day at a time. I was in the army then and all I worried about was that day, oh payday needed money to party. I didn’t worry about trying to get promoted or move up, that’s what must soldiers strive for. I basically was just trying to skate through life. Things changed in my life that I will get into later. I can know say that the purpose of me being here is to provide for my daughter. My daughter has become the most imported thing in life; everything I do or decide is based on her. I need to better myself so that why I can provide for her. I must do everything in my power to raise her right. She needs to have a very chance to succeed and it’s my job to give her that chance and be a role model for her. There was a time before my

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