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MSc Finance Program Orientation 2011/2012
Date: 23 August, 2011 Time: 7:00pm Venue: J210-J212

Acting Program Coordinator of Finance’s Welcome Remark

Dr. Lewis Tam
Assistant Professor of Finance

Department Staff– Finance Area Welcome Master of Science in Finance 2011 Intakes
• • • • • • • • • • • • • Chair Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Lecturer So Yuk Chow, Jacky Fu xiaoqing, Maggie Lai Neng, Rose Lam Siu Kwan, Keith Cheung Ming Yan, William Lei Cheuk Hung, Adrian Lo Chia Chun, Steve Qian Xiaolin Ren Jinjuan, Susan Tam Hon Keung, Lewis Vong Pou Iu, Anna Wu Feng Chui Man Wai, Peter

Briefing Outline
 Briefing From Finance Program Coordinator  Program Curriculum  Q&A  Refreshments
• • • • • • • • • • •

Department Staff– Business Economics Area
Associate Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Lecturer Lecturer Li Guoqiang Siu, Ricardo Chi Sen Gu Xinhua Huang Bihong, Jenny Lei Chun Kwok, Henry Qiao Zhuo Tam Pui Sun, Priscilla Yuan Jia Zhang Yang Lam Man Kin, Jonty Si Tou Sio Tan, Vanessa



Briefing Contents
 Rules, Regulations and Reminders  Program General Information  Contact Information

Application for Course Add/Drop
Applications must be sent to the Postgraduate Office before the 3rd lesson. Application for dropping an Elective Course may not be approved.

Attendance Rate
You may not allowed to take the final Examination if the course attendance rate is less than 80%.

 Rules, Regulations and Reminders

That means you are required to retake that course. You may apply for leave for justified reasons (etc. sick) Leave applications may not be approved.

Retaking a Course
Online Course Enrollment
Enroll courses are processed through UM course enrollment system. Please refer to the Registration Information Sheet which has been sent to you for the course enrollment time. **The enrollment period of this year will be on 25 August, 5:30pm to 8:00pm.

If you fail a course, you must retake it NEXT year! Tuition fee for each retake course: • Non credit bearing course: MOP1,800 • Other course which carries 3 credit unit:MOP5,400 • The tuition fee is higher if you are an overseas students NO RESIT EXAMINATION WILL BE GIVEN!!! •Retake 3 courses at most •Each course can be taken only once •Class attendance

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