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Obama State Of The Union Speech Analysis

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In delivering his State of the Union speech, President Barack Obama made a point to touch on nearly every relevant modern day political subject. Some of his most hard pressed issues included tax hikes on the wealthy, the expansion of publicly funded education to include two years of community college, and a call for cyber security measures well beyond anything enacted to date. Actually his new budget will provide an expanded tuition tax credit. After critical backlash from students, parents, and both partied, Barack Obama decided to drop his proposal that would have ended the popular 529 college savings accounts. Barack Obama stated, “In Iraq and Syria, American leadership, including our military power, is stopping ISIS’s advance.” This is half true, as the U.S. has built a coalition of counties, including Arab nations, with the goal of destroying the group, however ISIS continues to advance in Syria. Obama vowed to fight terrorism tactfully and justly, which might have gotten his most well rounded approval over the course of his hour-long speech. He also expressed intentions to improve diplomatic relations with Cuba/enact major trade agreements with Asian nations and the European Union and improve the state of childcare (for working families specifically) in the …show more content…
This statement is partly true because other countries don’t have a paid sick leave for a sickness only lasted a couple of days. The President also wants “a bill that gives every worker in American the opportunity to earn seven days of paid sick leave.” This proposition will not be successful because the American people will be wondering where this money is coming from. The government should be focusing on the economy before proposing new bills to spend more

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