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Objectification Of Women Essay

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Recently, I started paying closer attention to the media, especially social media. I noticed that females who posted seductive pictures of themselves, or videos got more positive feedbacks especially from the males. Females who posted decent pictures got little or no feedback. Also, movies and musical videos that had half-naked females featured in them got better ratings as compared to appropriate videos. Because of the way females have been portrayed, most of these females need validation from people in order to feel beautiful and confident thereby posting this type of pictures. The media also encourages sexual objectification of women through advertising, magazines, and especially the television. Some of these television stations have created shows, specifically beauty pageants for toddlers and young girls that encourage sexualization of women. In these pageants, you can see how it is emphasized that the young girls have to walk, dress, talk, and be skinny in order to be considered …show more content…
The Flapper woman is defined as a woman who was against what was considered the acceptable behavior of a woman, which was defined as “a housewife, decorative element, and dependent on men.”(Zimmerman). The flapper woman was the opposite of this defined role for women. She dressed in short skirts, wore excessive makeup, smoked, and treated sex in a casual manner. As a result of this change, the media began to present the modern woman as an object of sexual objectification. By the early 1980’s, sex in the media became a normal thing and it was rare not to see a sexually dressed or undressed female in the television shows, media, or advertising. This has become an ongoing problem till date because society has come to accept it is okay for women to be

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