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Online Learning Versus Traditional Learning

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Online learning is better than a traditional classroom setting and is also convenient. I agree with this because I am doing online learning. I believe that it accommodates the busy lives people have these days. Whether its working or raising a family, its hard to get to a traditional class on time versus getting on your computer at midnight and doing your course work.

Some people think that there is too much time being spent on electronics as it is due to the fact that it runs their lives.

But without electronics, where would we be now? We couldn’t track space shuttles or satellites without the help of computers. Computers have come along way since the 50’s. They are more advanced than they were back then.

Another good thing about online learning versus traditional classroom learning is that you can study at your own leisure and at your own pace. You can’t do that in a traditional classroom learning setting.

People without hectic lives prefer the traditional classroom learning so they can get the help from the teacher on a one on one level and be able to turn in assignments to a person not through a computer. They prefer more structured settings and being able to ask for help from fellow students also on a one on one level.

I’ve done both, and I prefer the online learning due to more time to do assignments at my own pace and I don’t feel rushed. I felt rushed in a classroom setting.

With online learning, you don’t have to worry about carrying books from class to class everyday. Most books are online now for online learning.

People who do classroom learning have to carry books from class to class everyday. I think in time they will get tired of carrying those books on their backs, but that’s my opinion.

I prefer reading my book for my class online that way there’s no turning it in at the end of the semester or yr., depending on how your taking your class.

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