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TELEPHONE NUMBER: +254702467156
I.D NUMBER: 30077252
2012: Control and management of Regional Center for HIV/AIDs and Social Science Education HIV/AIDS and Social Science Educ
2012 to date: Bachelor of Arts in Development Maseno University studies with I.T (Political Science)
2010-2011: Uganda Advanced Certificate of Makindye Secondary School Education (15 points)
2006-2009: Uganda Certificate of Education (26 agg: grade 1)…...

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...great resources that are available to students at the University of Phoenix! One thing I like about this school is the great resources online, especially the online school library. In the library you can find all sorts of help. They have a whole section for you to get help on your writing skills and grammar skills. They have everything from videos tutorials to small game writing grammar quiz games. They also have a math department that helps you improve on your math skills and it's called the "Center for Mathematics". In the "Center for Mathematics" you can find live online tutoring! Which means that you will have someone online there with you tutoring you and if you have a question, you can submit your question right there and then and the tutor will answer it. In the University Of Phoenix online library you can also find a program tool called "River point Writer" this tool helps you format your papers. If you feel that you need more help on your writing skills, grammar skills, math skills or anything else the online website has a "Program Section" where you can enroll into free school workshops! In these student workshops they will help you with anything you need help on. All of these great resources, Center of Writing Excellence, Center for Mathematics, Program Section and River Point Writer are available to you in the University Of Phoenix online student site. You asked your facilitator to review your e-mail draft. She liked what you wrote and asked you to......

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