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Organizations of Pakistan


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International And Regional Organizations: | Pakistan’s Role In Organizations | | In this paper I have discussed the International and Regional Organizations. Moreover, I have discussed Pakistan’s Role in different Organizations i.e. South Asian Association For Regional Corporation, United Nations, Economic Co=operation Organization, Non Aligned Movement and Organization Of Islamic Conference. | | | | |

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International And Regional Organizations:
An international organization is an organization with an international membership, scope, or presence. There are two types:
International nongovernmental organizations (NGOs): non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that operate internationally. These include International non-profit organizations. Examples include the World Organization of the Scout Movement, International Committee of the Red Cross International corporations, referred to as multinational corporations.
Intergovernmental organizations, also known as international governmental organizations (IGOs): the type of organization most closely associated with the term 'international organization', these are organizations that are made up primarily of sovereign states. Example includes the United Nations (UN).
Recognized Regional Organizations (ROs) are independent bodies which share IFAC's mission and values and which, in many cases, share IFAC's membership. ROs play a valuable role by supporting the development of the international accountancy profession, facilitating convergence to international standards, and providing leadership in addressing issues affecting the accountancy profession in their region and/or constituencies.
Purpose Of These Organizations: Regional and International Organizations are crucial in promoting and supporting the

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