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Our Elders Pay the Price

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Our Elders Pay the Price
Shelly Brewster
HLTH 481-905
April 2, 2014
Our Elders Pay the Price
The current healthcare system is problematic in America, and the elderly population is suffering the most financially. Prescription costs are sky-rocketing and since insurance and social security do not cover all the costs, the elderly are paying out of pocket for their medications. Employees in the medical field should prescribe drugs that treat multiple symptoms, suggest substituting brand names for generic names, and navigate patients to cost effective programs. Healthcare administrators need to create a policy for medical staff that will require them to monitor and provide more financially suitable healthcare options for elderly consumers in addition to recommending lifestyle changes which will result in a decrease of medication costs. Healthcare providers need to educate consumers on the fact that prescription drugs can often times be substituted for lifestyle changes. Doctors almost always suggest a pharmaceutical solution, often times without even considering alternatives. If healthcare administrators implement the need for doctors to go beyond the “quick fix” of drugs and encourage them to prescribe lifestyle changes instead, medication costs would be nonexistent. For example, high cholesterol is an issue in our country and if left untreated it can develop into secondary problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure (or hypertension) and several other complications. More severe developments are an inflated risk of cardiovascular disease which can lead to stroke. In the United States, one in three adults are affected by high blood pressure (MedicineNet, 2014). High blood pressure is an endemic in our country and effective measures should be sought to reduce its prevalence. Alternative medication has become popular in recent years and may be a replacement for...

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