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P2 Unit 3 Health and Safety

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P2: Outline how legislation, policies and procedures relating to health, safety and security influence health and social care settings.

Legislations are laws which have been made or enacted to protect vulnerable individuals from being harmed.

Data Protection Act 1998 The data protection act 1998 relates to personal information kept on paper and electronic format. Information that is kept should be relevant and not excessive. Personal information should have only been obtained for lawful reasons and should be current and accurate. All information should be protected against unauthorised access and accidental destruction. In the health and social care sector they normally handle a lot of sensitive information about individuals. Therefore it is vital that this information is only used for legitimate purposes or matters. When working in a health and social care environment confidentiality is important when dealing with patients and their medical information that’s not supposed to be disclosed to any unauthorised personnel. In a hospital the data protection act is used to keep patient’s medical file or history confidential by all means. If an individual is diagnose with HIV/AIDS. When visiting for his 3-6 months check-up his blood test results and information will be coded to protect the individual’s identity and also to prevent his medical status from being disclosed an individuals in the society being prejudice and discriminating against the patient. Individuals files an records are not to be disclosed to anyone unless need in a court case of the patient has died .The files are not supposed to be destroyed for eight years

Manual Handling Operations Regulation 1992 This legislation helps employees to take steps to reduce the risk of injury during operations that cannot be avoided. Therefore in order to reduce the risk of injuries…...

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