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Paradise in Jamaica

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Paradise in Jamaica

After going to galveston each year in texas, it was nothing compared to the beach the Williams family went to on their vacation to Jamaica. The beautiful atmosphere they witnessed was the most unforgettable moment ever. They stayed at the hotel right in front of the beach, directly right in the middle of restaurants, clubs, and water parks. Everything around was beautiful, including the soft sand that went through peoples toes walking on the side of the beach, also how big and clear the ocean was. The ocean was so memorable it was really a paradise just exactly how everyone had described it. Being on the beach watching of the waves as it hits the wind, the smell of the food coming from every direction, watching everyone do something different, listening to the kids on the water parks. It was all there, it was all true from the moment spent near the beach, to the relaxing music of the culture, and the look of the various Jamaican food.

The ocean was as clear as it was going to get watching everything under water was the most amazing experience. Watching the the fish swim together as group moving from one area to another, the seaweed moving along with the waves, going back and forth against the big rocks where people would sit on enjoying the nice hot weather. Being able to taste the salty water when the strong waves would hit against their body as people would shut their eyes avoiding the water to get in their eyes. As the sound of the Jamaican music would spread the jamaicans would show people how to dance, relax, and be calm to their reggae. Listening to the sound of soul playing over and over made people communicate it was something about their music that made people rock back and forth and just smile, as if it spread positive vibes. While dancing with each other enjoying the moment people would talk about about the theme of the clubs and what they were going to wear. As the night came along the music got louder and more people began to walk in the club. Their clubs had mirrors all over their walls with bright flashing lights, and everyone dressed in different themes in rare clothes. It was all kind of exotic music and dancing it was something different from the American world. Being in the Jamaican club was a learning experience it was an enjoyment like the night was never going to end.
The next day as the Williams family would walk out their hotel they can just smell all types of food coming from the restaurant. As the server would begin to bring different plates to the table describing each and every meat on the plate telling the family to try and see which meat they liked the best. After deciding he would to start bringing out the sides to go along with the food. It was so much similarity to South American food, how it looked, and how they served fried bananas and a lot of rice. Their curry chicken which was their most common chicken was so orange and thick but yet so good it was a similarity to Indian curry just cooked and looked different.
Overall, the trip to Jamaica was worth the family William’s time being there.Jamaica was a wonderful country to experience, learn, smell, see, taste, and hear different things they have never experienced before.The smell of the food, to the view of the atmosphere and beyond was much better than what they had imagined.

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