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Running Head: Consolidated Chicken Products 1

Consolidated Chicken Product

Dr. Sheila Monjeau Letica
HRM533-Talent Management
December 11, 2010

Consolidated Chicken Products 2

Is there a reasonable basis for believing that the company is discriminating against women? If so, explain what it is and if not, explain why not. There is a reasonable belief that the company is discriminating against women. Sam the personnel director had great concerns about this situation and he wanted to deal with the problem. There were only thirty women that worked in the production department while the other women worked in the position of secretaries. Sam spoke with John, Sr. about the pay discrepancy for the women in both departments, but John’s comments to Sam seem to be of no concern that the women were getting less pay than the men who were working side by side doing the same job in production. John said, “ that the women weren’t concern about what they were making because they were satisfied with what they were being paid, because the unemployment rate was at 25%” (WorldatWork, 2007). John, Sr. considered this was a fair rate of pay for their jobs.
Is there reason to believe that women could file an equal pay lawsuit? If so, explain the reason and if not, explain why not. There is reason that the women could and should file an equal pay lawsuit. For one thing if the women in production knew that they were getting paid less for the same job that the men were doing I believe they would file an equal pay lawsuit.

Consolidated Chicken Products 3 The women in the secretarial pool probably think that they were making a decent salary so they may

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