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Children are the mirrors reflect their parents. It is undeniable that children learn many behaviors from their parents. Thus, I agree that parents are good teachers.
Firstly, parents are the teachers who frequently comuticate with their children. Because essence of learning is process of repeat. As a result of watching and listening everyday, it is very quickly and deeply that children learn from their parents’ behaviors and change them as their behaviors. During significant process of growing up, children learn behaviours from their parents. For example, children see their parents help an old man cross the street, they will do like that next time. Son obseves his father shave beard, he will try to do when he is home alone.
Secondly, parents are not only teachers but also supervisers. While teachers oversee students at school, parents are the 24/7 supervisers. Mothers and fathers put eyes everywhere their children are and oversee their activities. Mother teachs children how to wash the dishes and observes how they do. If they do badly, they will remind how to do well.
Moreover, parents teach their children by special emotion. In vast majority of case, teachers punish students because they want a strict class in rule while parents do because they want children become better. It is easier for children to receive a lesson which is explained by emotional words than hollow words.
Overall, parents play a significant role in children’s life as the good teachers. And children deserve to receive the best care from their parents.

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