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All company staff must be informed by their superiors of monthly CSS (Customer Satisfaction Survey) results as soon as these become available and also informed of any action plans in effect.

■ Courtesy : Smile, Hello, Good-bye, Thank You…
■ Attentive attitude, listen carefully to ensure that the customer's exact needs are clearly understood
■ Friendly style of contact, appropriate to a business relationship with the customer
■ Stores reception located directly opposite the entrance with a pleasant waiting area, welcoming for customers and clear of any equipment that would hinder direct contact with the customer
■ If, to the question "Do you need anything else?", the customer replies, "That's all, thanks", answer "Glad to have been of assistance". This demonstrates to the customer that the question was not intended as a marketing tactic and will reassure the customer as to company policy.
■ Say "Good bye" to the customer by thanking him (in preparation for the next time he calls)

Wait at reception
■ Check that the number of staff available to deal with customers is sufficient for the number of customers arriving
■ Pay particular attention to peak periods. Particularly busy times are bound to occur in any company: Have these peak periods been clearly identified? How should we organize ourselves to deal with them?
■ Put up posters (advertisements in sales areas, special offers, photos, company history, etc.). These should be clearly displayed. If customers have to wait, they can spend some time reading or looking at this type of matter. It is essential that customers do not feel the wait to be too long. They should be kept occupied and interested.
■ In particular, informing the customer of services available from the company takes advantage of this time (during which the customer is free and receptive) to make these

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