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Paul Farmer and Health Care Paul Farmer is an American anthropologist and physician and also the main character of Tracy Kidders book Mountains Beyond Mountains, a book telling the true story of Farmer’s life and passion of treating people with infectious diseases. In the story Farmer strives to treat people in Haiti from mainly tuberculosis and other diseases, he has a dream of creating a better life for these people and to create a more universal health care system for those who cannot afford the necessary treatment that is needed to overall keep these people alive. Tracy Kidder in his book appears to take the side of Farmer, painting a picture to the reader of a man who has done only good in his life and seems to care more for others wellbeing than himself, “I can't sleep. There's always somebody not getting treatment.” (Paul Farmer, 24). It is obvious Farmer cares for others but you are only shown and told view points from those who have received his generous care and much of his gifts. At times throughout the book Farmer seems to express his anger at companies here in America claiming that recourses that we have should be put to better use around the world and not fought over due to money and who can pay for what. The market system to him is a serious problem that is cause many people around the world to receive no treatment and all and eventually causing preventable deaths in areas of serious poverty. His health care idea can seem radical at times, some of his ideas simply aren’t possible to accomplish in our day and age. Farmer wrote a book called Pathologies of Power: Health, Human Rights, and the New War on the Poor, in the book he speaks and explains more on the subject of the poor in need of care which they aren’t receiving. Farmer tells stories of many different patients which were in more than depressing situations and many do not have happy

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