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Personal Essay: Music Analysis

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As said by William Shakespeare “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” I have been singing and playing piano since I was five years old, for me music has always been an adventure. I went to music school daily to take piano and vocal classes, and never once have I thought of it as a drag. Music has always been my strength mentally, it is almost could be seen as a religion; an amazing belief that accepts everyone and unites people all over the world. My one little problem had a big turn on myself expression in music, my shyness. Ever since I was a kid I had a lot of questions to ask and a lot of things to say, but I never had enough courage to raise my hand. Every time I was picked on to answer a question or to read a poem I would turn red and would not be able to say anything. And whenever I had a project, I would be excited to do it, but always fall in the grading system because I would not be able to say anything. My most affected area in life was in my music school. Every time we had a piano assessment, my fingers would shake and everything that I had learned for a year would leave my mind in seconds. One time in middle school I went to try out for a solo piece, but when I got on stage I was so nervous I blanked out, and was scared to step on there again. I love to …show more content…
Months before I had signed up for auditions to go into high school, I realized I have grown. A realization had hit me, world is a stage, and if I don’t start writing my own role, I would be stuck working in the backstage. Music has a strong power. I got into my high school through an audition singing, right after I sang; my current chorus teacher said I was in with no questions asked. Wanting to stay in music and make it a big part of my life that’s what pushed me to speak up. Every day I am thankful for that, because of that I am able to make friends easily and be able to make projects in groups while being a

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Personal Essay: Music Analysis

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