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Personal Social Media Audit


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Assessment 1 – Personal Social Media Audit
Student Name: KA CHUN CHEUNG
Student Number: S3276462

The 7 days diary recorded the social media and applications I have been used between 17 of March to 23 of March. There are few applications have high frequency that I using that, such as Facebook, Wechat, instagram, whatsapp and weibo.

During 7 days period of recording, I discover that every morning after I wake up, I will spend some time on bed to go some social micro blog and network on the bed and the duration usually less that 30minutes. After that, I will use some mobile social apps like chatting tools such wechat, whatsapp during the day when I am free. The frequency that I use chatting tools actually is 24/7 standby, I will try to reply ASAP if I am still awake and not busy at that time, so the duration of use the chatting tools is short but frequency is high.

When I look at the table, I was quite surprise, I find out actually I am quite addicted to the social networks. Since everyday I will check the social network media at least one time. I think this is because I want to catch up and knows what is going on in my friend circle. Such as Facebook, it was a good web that can look on others updates of statuses, photos, videos and profiles. It was an easy way and convenient way to interact and get connection with your friend circle. The microblog like weibo I found out that I use that a lot, it’s was a famous social microblogs in china just like twitter. It provides me a easy access to read and share articles, and communications with other users. For the chatting tools such as whatsapp and wechat, I use it very often to keep connection with my friend and family. It was convenience and you can contact people over the worldwide and its free-charge. Now, I don’t need pay for the long distance phone call fees to my parents or friends, because wechat can

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