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Personal Statement Essay: My Interest In Science

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My interest in science dates back to my years in high school, where I excelled in Biology, Chemistry, and Math. I grew up in a small town named Sibu, where this small town was lack of medical equipment and facilities. I personally felt that it is not right that some people have access to the best doctors and treatment while others have no medical care. I've seen people around me suffering from chornic diseases and because of this, I felt really inspired to become a doctor; this had sprouted my passion for medicine at a very tender age. I thoroughly enjoyed studying the current Medicine course in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. I love reading Medicine books. To me, they were my storybooks. My intellectual curiosity ensures I stay well ahead of the syllabus. For example, I was recently intrigued by an article development in medical surgery. The surgeons decided that rather than amputate, they salvage the man's hand by surgically tucking it into a soft-tissue pouch in his belly after his organ was badly damaged in a traffic accident. I realized that one of the important aspect that need to be …show more content…
I always believe that participating in team sports can build good character as it allows people to work in a team setting.I was selected as the PBL (Problem-based learning) and CBL (Case-based learning) group leader in Shanghai Jiao tong University now. I am happy to have people work as a team to strive for a common goal which can develop humility, perseverance, and of course, teamwork. I am a keen Taekwondo athlete at district level too. I was selected to be the President of Taekwondo Club in Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2016. This has not only been of huge enjoyment but also helped me develop my organizational and leadership skills. I also captained the track and fields team and badminton team in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. It helps release stress and keeps my mental health in a good

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