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Resume Guide for Teachers Final Revised

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Resume Guide for Teachers

This packet is intended to serve as a starting point for creating or improving your teaching resume. Included in this packet are best practices that the Career Center have researched and found to be true. Information and sample resumes within this packet are not intended to be taken verbatim. Constructing a teaching resume is an art, not a science. Make your personal resume unique and stand out by making it represent you.
The resources this packet highlights are available to all students; take advantage of the Career Center and the services it provides you.

What to Expect

Teaching Resume Aesthetics, Content & Editing…………..………………………..Page 3
Three necessary components of a great teaching resume are detailed

Key Elements of a Successful Teacher Resume……………………………………...Page 4
Mandatory vs. optional elements in a successful teaching resume

Poor Teaching Resume Example……………………………………………………..Page 5
Details common mistakes of a teaching resume

Transferable Skills & Action Verbs…………………………………………………....Page 6
A comprehensive list of transferable skills and action verbs that have potential in a teaching resume

Constructing a Proper Achievement Statement (bullet point)………………………Page 7
Creating a bullet point stress you out? Here is a fool proof way to construct a proper achievement statement.

Buzz Words……………………………………………………………………………..Page 7
Answer the question, “What are buzz words and how should they be used in a resume”

Teaching Resume Samples...………………………………………………………Pages 8-11
These should not be viewed as a template, yet as examples you can look to for ideas and guidelines.

Career Center Teaching Resume Resources……………………………………… Page 12
The career center is here to help. Check out the career advising, workshops and other resources we offer!


Teaching Resume Aesthetics, Content & Editing
Writing a

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