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Persuasive Essay On Mass Shootings

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Day-to-Day Mass Shooting cannot be prevented
By Katherine Zelaya Mass shootings have caused many controversy in our American community.
People should stay at home safe instead of going to shopping centers, movie theatres, and other public places risking the danger due to all the violence and massacres going on in America.

Throughout the decade there has been many cases involving interactions with people in possession of guns. Since as long as I know, mass shootings have become a global issue that has increased within the years. In addition, mass shootings have doubled within the past 10 years, not to mention, these crimes have resulted in numerous deaths, due to the wrong people in possession of firearms.

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Mass shooters do not take in regard to the state laws. Many of the shooters in fact, purchase the firearms they use in attacks illegally. Offenders will always find a way of getting ahold of a firearm or multiple firearms if they need it to complete the crime they are planning on committing.

Mass shootings will not be able to be diminished as well as violence. Mass shootings can not be hypothesized due to every person having different mind sets. You can never predict how a person is going to wake up feeling in the morning. If a person wakes up in the morning with anger and their main purpose is to murder people in seek of revenge. How will you be able to predict and stop that from happening in advance? You can’t.

With that said, another recent sad tragedy that took place resulting from a mass shooting was: the 2015 San Bernardino shooting. In the event, there was a married couple who had many weapons and bombs in hope of accomplishing their attack.

Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik massacred 14 people and injured 21.
Being the most recent controversial massacre it was being talked about worldwide.

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